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Administrative Officers

William Adair David Donaldson
President Vice President
John Caterfino James Gourley
Treasurer Secretary
Membership Secretary
Gary Bachman
Gerald West Gary Hutnick
Daniel Bell Joseph Connolly
William Ockenlaender  

Operation Officers

Michael Brogan Nicholas Pettinati
Chief 96 Deputy Chief 96
Joseph Connolly Patrick Kane
Assistant Chief 96 Captain 96
Eric Feltyberger  Robert Seese
Lieutenant 96 Lieutenant 96-1
Scott Smtyh Gary Bachman
Lieutenant 96-2 Engineer 96
Jacklyn Boutcher David Doyle
Engineer 96-1 Engineer 96-2
Daniel Bell Dennis Cline
Engineer 96-3 Fire Police Captain

Active Members

William Adair Kevin Fries
Gary Bachman David Gershman
Zach Baker Eric Gordon
Jules Bauer James Gourley
Melissa Bauer Gary Hutnick
Nicole Bauer Patrick Kane
Daniel Bell Casey Kasitz
Jacklyn Boutcher Matthew Kozlowski
John Boutcher Steven  Kozlowski
Matthew Boutcher Kevin Lynch
Kevin Brogan Annabelle Moreno
Michael Brogan Ian Nolan
John Caterfino Robert North
Bernadette Connolly William Ockenlaender
James Connolly Kevin Plunkett
Joseph Connolly Robert Seese
Thomas Connolly Chick Schadel
Dennis Cline Scott Smyth
David Donaldson Robert Staller
David Doyle John Tryon
Eric Feltyberger William Tryon
Kenneth Fishman Gerald West

  We are always in need of new members.  Interested in becoming a member of the Pioneer Fire Company?  If so, please print and fill out the following application and drop it off at our fire house.  After you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by our committee for approval.  Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Pioneer Fire Company.interest in becoming a member of Pioneer Fire Company.

Download our Membership Application Form

Please drop it off at the fire house or mail it to:

  Pioneer Fire Company
  Attn: Membership
  700 Greenwood Avenue
  Jenkintown, PA  19046
  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at:

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